Aloe Blacc - “DJ Day is the best deejay/musician I know. There aren't many other deejays who can also claim skill as a turntablist, multi instrumental musician, beat maker, and singer. I am honored to know and humbled to work with such a talented and genuine artist.”

DJ Jazzy Jeff - "There's nothing like a great DJ with an incredible music sense and an all around good dude!!! That's my homie DJ Day!!! Always inspiring!!"

Nick Catchdubs (Fool's Gold) - "As skilled in the studio as he is with the wicky wickys, I can always count on DJ Day to put me up on the unexpected."

Cosmo Baker - “DJ Day is one of my favorite DJs, so much so that I tried to get him to DJ my wedding. He didn't do it though, and my wedding was a complete mess Thanks for nothing, dude.”

Peanut Butter Wolf (Stones Throw) - “Gave me a run for my money when I spun with him at Do-Over last year. One of my favs.”

HouseShoes - "Best DJ set I've ever seen in my life. This guy is a monster..."

Marco Polo - "Besides his obvious solid production/dj'ing abilties...watching Day live on
the MPC at Red Bull Amsterdam made me wanna quit life..."

Oliver “O-Dub” Wang (NPR, Soul Sides) - "DJ Day's production is so sick, the CDC should investigate."

Doc Delay - “Day's that dude that just breathes in key. He doesn't play music, the universe plays music through him. I have had to work all my life to learn a quarter of what comes to him completely naturally.”

Skratch Bastid - "Day's a very diverse cat: I never know what I'll hear him make or play next, but I know it will be dope."

Jeremy Sole (KCRW / Musaics / Afro Funké / theLIFT) - "Day represents quality, consistency and taste - in his production, his dj sets, his live musicianship and how he holds himself as a human being. Honored to call him a friend, as he's been an inspiration for years."

DJ Eleven (The Rub) - "If I end up being a quarter the DJ, a fifth the producer, or half as good a dude as Day when I grow up, I will have won."

Ohmega Watts - "DJ Day is what Day is to night... bright and explorative in sound with his production and style. His DJ sets are like what neon lights are at night... electric and eclectic! In summation, DJ Day embodies the best of night and day in a figurative sense!"

Mike 2600 (Burlesque, Twelve Car Pileup) - “DJ Day has everything I wanna hear in a DJ - timeless taste in music, thoughtful selection, and enough technical skills to make me wanna quit!”

Recloose -“DJ Day is one of today’s foremost purveyors of top-shelf hip-hop production,
vinyl history and the lost art of DJing.”